Laura Campbell

is a fine artist based in Yorkshire.  Her practice surrounds themes of anxiety and suffocation through the frank and confrontational imagery of medical ailments, in combination with intimate and intrusive documentary style photography. Focusing on communicating the lack of control over her body, Campbell explores direct, autobiographical themes through the obsessive nature of making vast quantities of works. The practice is primarily process driven, with the use of performance and experimental media to develop resolved and composed artworks. Documentary photography; lino printing, and the digital manipulation of imagery provides as a base to work into pieces through further media explorations. Heavy combinations of drawing and sewing enable for the distortion of previously layered imagery, allowing for inks and gold leaf to embellish the artworks, creating a sense of comedic irony throughout the practice. Performative processes are also imperative, creating outcomes in the form of stop motion animations, video and sound, and performance documentation photography.

Creative Work Experience

June 2021

Aesthetica Online Degree Show

June 2021

York St John University Degree Show

February 2021

York St John Winter Show Double Sided Artwork Unreliable Body. A curated exhibition showcasing the Third Year Fine Art, Photography and Illustration artworks, online exhibition 

November 2020.

The Eleanor Worthington Prize Third Place 

"Blindness features a single artwork utilising both the front and back of a piece. The front displays a layered double exposure of a portrait, using photography, thread, hair, drawings and ink which leaks through to create a separate abstracted portrait on the back. Blue and gold tones with the figurative nature creates a sense of value through escapism whilst being held together through the tension of absorption"

March 2020.

Mid-Semester Showcase Exhibition presented to the general public

February 2020

Assisted in Life Drawing Classes at York St John University
Aesthetica Online Degree Show